_X5A5219 Hey! I am Rohit Menda . I work as a Research and Development Engineer (R & D ) at Bangalore Makespace and Open source Creativity.  I am currently persuading my Bachelors in Engineering at Atria Institute of Technology.

I come from a background in Computer Science and I am currently exploring subjects like Electronics , Internet Of things , Virtual Reality , Design , Computer Aided Drawing , 3-D Printing, Linux Distributions And Social Media Marketing.

I will soon be starting a YouTube Channel called “Pukaar” in collaboration with several talented  youngsters. Staring Palak Kasturi , One of the best singers gifted with a beautiful voice. This channel is going to contain some of the best covers and mashups of this Era.

My Current Achievement’s  are

  • Built the world’s First Live Streaming Virtual Reality Rover
  • Handled Social Media for the Under 25 Summit 2017
  • Built a fully functioning IOT Radar system
  • Worked with Google with Project ARA
  • Been a part of Google’s Map Maker Project
  • A current Microsoft Insider
  • C.E.O of a  website called “Android Government” for a year

This blog is dedicated to keep all my research open to people and various communities  in support of the Open-Source Movement.