raspberry_pi_b_2_0_0The Raspberry Pi is a series of credit card-sized single board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi. There are several version of Raspberry pi .

  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model A
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry pi 3 Model B


The Raspberry Pi hardware has evolved through several versions that feature variations in memory capacity and peripheral-device support.

This block diagram depicts Models A, B, A+, and B+. Model A, A+, and the Pi Zero lack the Ethernet and USB hub components. The Ethernet adapter is internally connected to an additional USB port. In Model A, A+, and the PI Zero, the USB port is connected directly to the system on a chip (SoC). On the Pi 1 Model B+ and later models the USB/Ethernet chip contains a five-point USB hub, of which four ports are available, while the Pi 1 Model B only provides two. On the Pi Zero, the USB port is also connected directly to the SoC, but it uses a micro USB (OTG) port.







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