Last time I had switched from ubuntu to manjaro Linux which was based on arch Linux. it was pretty interesting but as I mentioned earlier it was for pro. since I was pretty much new it seemed like a really huge step. it was something like this15241144_180909002372283_2553451040506120631_n

So I decided to take a step back and try fedora instead since it’s not much pro like nor noob like.

I had heard that recently fedora 25 had been released so I thought I would give it a shot but it had some issues installing via a DVD,  then I created a bootable pen drive and managed to install fedora 25 . so far it’s been working great. sometime back i came across this article which seems really interesting .

it’s about 25 cool things you can do with fedora. I’m going to try doing all of those and get back to work soon and start with some actual research.

I’ll probably post my research on raspberry pie next time and I’m looking forward to this weekends workshop desperately .


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