My First Post!

Screenshot_20161124_194456.pngI’ve started this blog to publish my research on a day to day basis for my reference or people over the the internet to refer to it. i will try my best to update the blog regulary and publish fresh content everyday .

It all started when i saw kavita’s blog which was designed using pure HTML which gave me an idea to start my own blog and start my research with all availible  resources.

It occured to me the only way i can become the person whom i wanted to become only when i step out of my comfort zone. So on November 20th i shifted my base of operations from windows to Ubuntu because i feel open source is the best way to learn coding. 20th november has always been a special date for me , always good has come from that date . so i’m hoping this adventure to go bold also pays off.

From the 20th november to the 23rd of november i used Ubuntu which had a lot of connectivity issues . so i changed again to manjaro linux, it’s an custom linux based from arch linux which is i know for pro users but i don’t think there is any harm in trying something new. It has been slightly difficult to operate but i think i will get an hang of it soon 🙂


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